Hi, I am Mathew Callas, Owner of Paramount Lawn Care and Landscape Sacramento. I am a lawn care specialist with and an expert in home landscape. I devised several strategies to make a best home lawn with an efficient effort and cost. I travel to different places around Sacremento and surrounding areas to provide lawn care maintenance and give valuable tips for home owners.

I founded Paramount Lawn Care and Landscape Sacramento in order for me to widen and spread the knowledge of proper ways on lawn care and maintaining home landscapes. Most people think lawn care is easy and thought they could always relay on lawn care service crew. But reality, it is not efficient or not enough for your lawn to survive or grow beautifully. As a homeowner, one must understand and be knowledgeable on maintaining their own yard. In this instance, I decided to create a system that I can share to home owners as I travel and help them maintain their lawn.

We at Paramount Lawns, handle every home lawn professionally and value it as our own. We do not only fix your lawn but will help you maintain throughout and provide essential tips on how you could do better with your yard landscape. We can service anyone in the area, regardless how big or small your lawn is, if you need help, our team of expert lawn care and maintenance are sure well equipped with the knowledge and will be ready to deliver you the best lawn care service in your town.